As your business grows, your data must work harder and faster for you. With rapidly growing data volume comes the need for streamlining the Enterprise Data funnel. A streamlined funnel primes your data sources to talk to each other and deliver consumable insights in real-time.

Propellor offers seamless integration of varied, diverse, siloed data onto a highly interactive, advanced analytics and visualization platform.

How Propellor works

Propellor is equipped
with 4 modules

Conduct real-time descriptive
analytics, set the foundation
for predictive analytics

Play out a variety of business
scenarios, understand their
impact on key business metrics

Conduct What-if analysis,

Obtain a granular view
of customer events’ data

Design differentiated and programmatic
interventions based on drivers identified
at an individual customer level

Monitor impact metrics like
campaign ROI

Close-loop by integrating with
leading marketing automation

Client Outcomes

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