Internship Experience: Vishal Sharma

A first-hand account of experiencing life@ThinkBumblebee

Since our inception in late 2016, we have endeavored to become an aspirational company for talented Analytics professionals and aspirants alike. From our debut Intern program, Vishal Sharma (now a 4th year under-grad) from IIT Kharagpur shares how ThinkBumblebee shaped his Analytics worldview.

In my first-ever experience at interning, I learnt technical skills.  But more importantly, I experienced first-hand, the benefits of an open, approachable work environment that lets employees breathe, speak up & learn, even while they contribute to business-as-usual.

ThinkBumblebee encourages employees (including interns!) to constantly engage themselves in multiple areas, even while holding them accountable for outcomes on their core project. Thus, I was part of the core team working on an emergent solution – Image Analytics. In addition, I was encouraged to contribute to smaller developmental projects, from time to time. Working in such an environment helped me adapt to my academic life better – I’m now able to put in the hours required on core studies, plus stay involved in various non-academic interests.

This also helped me improve my ability to stay with a problem, work on it constantly, uncover various approaches to solving it, develop hybrid approaches, and test such approaches – until I could come up with a defendable solution for the problem.

Did we solve every imaginable Image Analytics problem in my tenure with ThinkBumblebee? Of course not. What we managed to do is build a workable model, which helped clients better handle their unstructured Image data. This gave me the much-required confidence, to keep learning and aspire to develop similar models in the Finance domain.

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